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Kennels and Catteries. Some take in strays so if you are looking for a rescue animal give them a call.

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Vets4Pets Huntingdon

Inside Pets at Home, St. Peters Road, Huntingdon PE29 7DZ, UK – 01480 270670

Thank you so much for all you did to support my family and I over Charlies last few weeks. I say again our hearts are broken and our home is empty but we feel comforted when we look back and remember how much help and support you gave us. Vets4pets Huntinton York staff are just wonderful and if you can still say that when your grief is still so raw? They must be pretty special. Thank you all so much for all you did for us Charlie Palmer sleep in heavenly peace my beautiful boy.

these guys have been incredible with all my puppies. have squeezed me in at short notice and cared for one when he was really ill, without charging. the vets and nurses genuinely love animals :)

Cromwell Veterinary Group

36 St John's St, Huntingdon PE29 3DG, UK – 01480 52222

Our cat was taken ill it was midnight on Sunday phoned the vets and surle enough they told me to bring her in there and then very helpful and friendly service

Deleted if no allowed Best friends 158 broadway in peterborough It’s the worst VET clinic what i saw in my life. My story: Zara called my dog, she today passed away...she was just 7 month old I just want to protected people from this mistake to choose Best Friends veterinary. My dog was Hite by scooter (not child's one, but electric) teenager just crosses over her and run away. Straight away we brig to Best Friend VET 158 Broadway , there was doctor ANTONIO PIRES DE CARVALHO RCUS NO 7120151 He checked and told she needs to stay there overnight, ok that is fine, he promises to put stitches on had where was sore, near to eye. after couple hours I called to clinic, doctor told they did X RAY, no bones broken, no bleeding inside and again confirmed he will put stitches. Again later on i call to them, doctor told again can be broken ribs, but he is not sure, he will did again X RAY, my opinion its can be seen on first X RAY, Call third time in the morning, again the same doctor, now I hear: Can be bleeding, I need to do again X RAY....and again I will put stitches on sore......I still cannot believe, after 12 hours he cannot give me answers what’s happen with my dog and what need to expect. My boyfriend told, we going there. When we arrived and see the dog.....she was in very bad condition: sore was not washed, no stitches, she breathed very hard, spittle dripped on the ground. Doctor ANTONIO PIRES DE CARVALHO RCUS NO 7120151 told he cannot do stitches its sore to close to the eye, I understand perfectly its difficult but I GOT feeling this doctor didn’t do nothing, straight we take dog to another VET surgery When we arrived YOUNGS VETERINARY they told dog in very bad condition and we follow them RECOMMENDATION and bring our poor ZARA to CROMWELL VETS surgery in 15 min they did X RAY and told lungs full of blood, that is why she breading so hard, and she in pain, because X RAY shows 2 broken ribs, CAN SOMEONE explain to me, if BEST FRIENDS did 3 X RAYS and they cannot see 2 broken ribs????? NO BLOOD IN LUNGS???? and doctor in BEST FRIENDS give paper to sign that i am not gone blame them for anything, of course now i know why, because they charged us for nothing £ 541 for NOTHING!!!!??? I HAVE CONFIRMED LETTER FROM CROMWELL VETS WITH OPINION ABOUT MY DOG CONDITION WHEN WE ARRIVED AFTER BEST FRIEND VETS: - They told: WE READ A RAPPORT ABOUT WHAT BEST FRIENDS DID FOR ZARA AND if BEST FRIENDS do 3 X RAY they can see everything, why they put catheter to this leg where she was hit, DOCTOR OR NURSE (BEST FRIENDS) BANDAGED TO OVER TIGHTEN CROMWELL VEST SENT REQUEST TO BEST FRIENDS SENT TO THEM X RAYS WHAT THEY DID, BEST FRIENDS DIDN’T SEND BACK…. DEAR PEOPLE, I AM WRITING MY STORY TO LET YOU KNOW HOW THIS VETS WORKING, HOW YOU CAN BE VET IF YOU JUST CHARGING AND DO NOT DO NOTHING, YOU CANNOT BE BUILDER IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND ABOUT THIS NOTHING…? WE LOST A PART OF OUR FAMILY, THEY WAS LIKE SISTERS WITH MY CHILD {3 YEARS OLD} ZARA AND MY DAUGHTER WAS PLAYING, SLEEPING, EATING TOGETHER….ITS SO SAD, THAT ON THIS NIGHT DOCTOR ANTONIO PIRES DE CARVALHO RCUS NO 7120151 WAS REPLACEMENT. SO BEST FRIEND EVEN DO NOT KNOW WHAT DOCTOR HE IS… MAYBE THIS FIRST 24 HOURS WAS VERY IMPORTED FOR ZARA, MAYBE TODAY SHE STILL BE LIFE IF BEST FRIENDS JUST DO WHAT THEY NEED TO DO….JUST SAVE LIVES….AND THEY TAKE CARE JUST ABOUT MONEY….ITS REALLY SAD…… Thanks Cromwell team for understanding and everything

Pets at Home

Huntingdon Retail Park, St Peters Rd, Huntingdon PE29 7DZ, UK – 0845 600 9572

Great store, some products a bit expensive, when paying for our purchases the cashier seemed to not recognise a Northern Ireland £20 sterling note. Could you please train your staff on how to recognise UK currency as N. Ireland is part of the UK and the notes are legal tender just like the English notes. Thank you

Friendly helpful staff, good selection of products, open 7 days. Can highy recommend the on-site Vet surgery, too!

Links to wide range of animal charities.
Advice on animal care, how to donate, etc. The Blue Cross is dedicated to improving the lives of sick and unwanted pets; they take in animals of all shapes and sizes, from hamsters to horses, and find them loving new homes and make sure thousands more get the veterinary treatment they need when their owners cannot afford to pay.

UK charity helping to prevent cruelty to animals associated with sports such as fox hunting, game bird shooting and wildlife crime
Get advice from Vets on the Net. Ask veterinary questions and access pet first aid advice
Pet Care Advice plus news, campaigns, how to donate, etc.
Guide to badgers in the UK. Includes educational resources and offers books, videos and other merchandise.
Charity dedicated to raising funds for the conservation of native animals and their habitats in the UK. Their work is varied and extensive ranging from direct support for conservationists to involving the public and volunteers in practical action to help specific species and habitats.
Offers photos, facts, and a newsletter for people interested in the nature and countryside of Britain.
International chapter of the OFI working to increase awareness and understanding of conservation issues facing the endangered orangutan.
Marine conservation charity dedicated to forging links between people and the sea. ORCA is committed to the study of cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) and promoting their conservation through enthusing, inspiring and educating others.
WWF works to ensure a healthy future for people, species and their habitats, addressing global threats like climate change and environmental degradation.
Offers links to rescue orgnanisations, information about the breed, how to look after an adopted dog, and more.
Database for lost, stolen, and found animals.
Promotes the keeping, breeding, care, study, and conservation of this highly coloured and endangered species. Meetings are held in many UK locations.
Pet Care Advice
UK Hamster Society. Includes information on shows, monthly journal, events, and more.
Government site explaining what you have to do to bring your pet dog, cat or ferret into (or back into) the UK through the Pet Travel Scheme (or PETS for short) without putting it into quarantine. It also explains the requirements for bringing many other types of pet animals into the UK. This site also tells you about quarantine in the UK for animals that don't qualify for PETS.
Offers advice on medical problems for dog and cat owners in the UK.
This has got much more humane. The Pet Travel Scheme allows pet animals from certain countries to enter the UK without quarantine, as long as they meet certain conditions. The Scheme also means that people in the UK can, having taken their pets to these countries, bring them back without the need for quarantine